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About me


Shani Shemesh is born in 1986, She's a figurative sculptor who grew from the roots of classical art and was inspired to create a connection between classical and modern art.

"My sculptures are created from a variety of materials and cuts that give me the opportunity to change the work overtime. Each sculpture has a number of different faces, sometimes it's the entire sculpture, and other times it can be presenting a specific part of it, creating an interest and curiosity in the viewer's mind."

עותק של IMG_9008.JPG.jpg
עותק של Edit11.JPG.jpg

"My sculptural style varies from realistic - which is created through observation when working with a model, and another style which is more intuitive and comes from my imagination."


"The human body is the main motif in my work. I explore it and its movement and use different materials along the work like plaster, concrete, and acrylic resin.

My creative themes are taken from my personal life, emerging feelings, social situations that reflect society, and a new understanding of life."

עותק של _MG_9621.jpg
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